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 The key element for the formation of sustainable solutions that people will accept on their own is an in-depth understanding of the mechanisms of pleasure. This is the only way of knowing what motivates individuals and assure a broad, long-lasting behavioral change that will positively affect our planet and our future.

Biometric research of emotions and feelings

What are emotions? What are feelings? How do emotions come to be? How do we feel our emotions? What biological processes give rise to emotions? How our context influences our experience? How can we measure, monitor and modulate these processes? How? Read more about it here.

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Current methods of food production and consumption are unsustainable for our planet. Livestock farming takes up 83% of the world's farmland, while providing merely 18% of humanity's caloric intake. Reducing the consumption of meat and dairy product is most that we as individuals can do for our planet. AST Research Center seeks to reduce global meat and dairy consumption through a variety of approaches. We aim to provide solutions to global problems that will be sustainable, as well as tasty and healthy.

Perception and experience of food


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Existant approaches to development of food operate on the level of components and chemical underpinnings of taste. AST Research Center seeks to delve deeper by considering how the body and the brain respond to individual building blocks of food. In this way, we can find out which dimensions are crucial for likable and healthy meals. We are using data-driven approaches to develop better forms of food and beverage, as well as other products associated with nourishment and wellbeing.


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