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AST Research Center is equipped with a variety of technological and software tools for acquisition, analysis, and visualization of neural, biometric, and psychological data.

Pro-Tech airflow sensor is a research tool for the quantitative evaluation of respiration

The Natus electromyiography electrodes are a research tool for measuring electrical activity in the muscles

Pro-Tech zRIP is a research tool for measuring breathing activity on chest and abdomen. It measures both inhalation and exhalation

The Ambu electrocardiograph is a research and applicative tool for measuring cardiac activity

The neck microphone for non-invasive swallow detection, own development, intended for precise timing of swallowing moment

128-/256-channel EGI electroencephalograph is a research and applicative tool that measures electrical activity on the cerebral cortex

The MindReader is a software, developed in-house, for real-time visualization, preliminary analysis of neurophysiological data, and monitoring the quality of the recordings

BrainVision Analyzer is a research and applicative tool; a software for post-analysis of neurophysiological data for research and applicative purposes

Brainstormzz Analyzer is scientific and applied tool, developed in-house; a software for post-visualization of neural data with the capacity for synchronization with the video data of the participants

SSVEP is a research tool, developed in-house; a visual stimulator for induction of baseline waves with the capacity of setting up various frequencies and color spectra

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