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Do you have the skills and motivation necessary for a proactive search for solutions in the field of emotions, food, and solving complex global problems? At AST Research Center, we offer steady employment in a young, innovative, and interdisciplinary team. We offer work with the best neuroscientific and biometric equipment in the region, with plenty of opportunities for learning and growth. Primarily, we offer work that focuses on finding solutions for a better tomorrow. Are you interested?

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Artificial Intelligence Engineer in the field of EEG analysis

From the candidates we expect:

  • Experience in the field of artificial intelligence (with an emphasis on deep learning);

  • Good knowledge of mathematical areas of statistics, algebra, and analysis;

  • Good knowledge of programming (especially Python and C);

  • We are looking for someone with an education in a technical field (mathematics, physics, electrical engineering or computer science);

  • Knowledge and experience in signal processing are a benefit;  

  • Pay is negotiable;

  • Opportunity for long-term work;

  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia;

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Neuro-informatics Engineer, specialized in EEG data analysis


We are looking for a researcher/scientist with a specialization in EEG recording and data analysis, who is looking for a challenge in a long-term research-and-development project in the field of affective neuroscience. The selected candidate will join an interdisciplinary team, using EEG technology for a better understanding of the gustatory system, in particular the sensation and experience of taste. Our institute is provided with stable financing and operates as a hybrid between a research institute, R&D department, and a startup. This is an optimal job for individuals with a strong academic background who are looking for new career challenges outside of academia.


From the candidates we expect:

  • Knowledge of physics, mathematics, neuroscience and biology, or a similar field (doctoral or postdoctoral researcher);

  • Expertise in EEG data analysis (BrainAnalyser, EEGLAB, or similar);

  • Fluent written and spoken English;

  • Pay is negotiable;

  • Opportunity for long-term work;

  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

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EEG technician/Data acqusition assistant

From the candidates we expect:

  • Accuracy, precision, and good fine motor skills;

  • The ability to follow rules and quickly respond to change;

  • High level of empathy and a general interest in psychology;

  • A benefit is a student status in the field of psychology or sociology for project-based work;

  • Pay is negotiable;

  • Opportunity for project-based work for students that wish to familiarize themselves with biometric research;

  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia;

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In case you share our passion for cognitive science, psychology, and understanding of the human nature, you have the required knowledge and skills, but your profile does not match any of our open positions, you may still send your CV to our e-mail address: